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21 South Parish Avenue
Johnstown, CO 80534

(970) 587-8383

[email protected]


Hometown atmosphere where everyone is treated as family. Not only a place to improve yourself physically but also a social environment. I have been to a lot of fitness centers but this is the best. I appreciate the staff and the economics of belonging to a center to close to my home.  ~ Walter


I have enjoyed Fitness Avenue in Johnstown, Colorado, as a senior citizen on a Silver Sneakers membership for almost two years now. The staff is always friendly and welcoming during my two-hour workout sessions several times per week. My favorite exercise equipment at Fitness Avenue includes the rowing machine, the climb master, the cross-trainer, the pec board, the abs board, the cycle, and various other machines as well as hand weights and bars. Thanks. ~ Christine


I just joined. I had a very good experience working out. Everyone is friendly and I found all of the equipment that I used to be fine and in working order. It’s a great place to work out! ~ Greg