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UV Tanning

We feature our own Tanning Packages at Fitness Avenue!

We also offer walk-in tanning opportunities, but we recommend that you make an appointment.

Stop by our Front Desk or call 970-587-8383 to make your appointment today!



Our tanning beds are equipped with HEX SmartLamps™! Manufactured in a 7-step process, they are the only patented lamps smart enough to tan the face, body, and legs at the same rates for even tanning.

And with SmartLamps™, even the glass is smart. It’s called SolGlass™, and it is the only lamp glass that allows delivery of UV light between 280 to 310 nanometers; the part of the UV spectrum that stimulates Vitamin D production in the body.

Learn more about SmartLamps™ HERE!


Hours of Operation

Monday6 am - 8 pm
Tuesday6 am - 8 pm
Wednesday6 am - 8 pm
Thursday6 am - 8 pm
Friday6 am - 7 pm
Saturday8 am - 12pm


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